Welcome to the Trans Community

Discover resources, community, creators, and other useful information.  We're always adding new content so if you have suggestions please send them our way.

Welcome to the New Trans Section of Hagerstown Hopes

Our trans community is super important to us and so we created this part of the site to give our trans members and friends, and their families, a place to find resources/communities and celebrate the trans life.

Think of this page as our love letter to the trans community and to the people who care about them.  We'll keep updating this page with new resources, announcements, links, and creators.

And as always we love feedback so please, if you can think of ways this page or any page on this website can be more useful to you please contact us.


Every member of the trans community deserves to be happy, healthy, and vibrant.  If you are struggling, or know someone who is, please visit Trans Lifeline for support.

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Let's Get Creative...

These are some of our favorite trans and non-binary creators.  Help us grow our list by telling us your favorites!

Life of Bria

Assigned Male

Rooster Tails


  • Know an artist or creator we should add to our list? Tell us!

Some of Our Favorite Sub Reddits

Check out some of these great and informative trans communities on Reddit.

Confused about Gender?

The Gender Book is available as a "Pay What You Want" priced download. They recommend a $15 donation, but it's available freely to everyone.

  • What is gender?

  • Gender versus sex

  • Gender through history

  • Gender across cultures

  • Gender identity

  • The transgender umbrella

  • Real folks' surveys

  • A useful glossary

         ...and lots more! 


Find essential resources like name change information, informed consent clinics, and more...

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