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The Hagerstown Hopes Story

In 2012 Hagerstown Hopes was developed to become a non-profit organization to bridge the gap between the straight and LGBTQ+ community of Hagerstown. It was founded and privately funded by Anna Bowers to get it off the ground.  With Anna Bowers guidance and the assistance of Todd Garnand and others, Hagerstown Hopes held its first festival in June of that year with an attendance of roughly 100 people and 20 vendors.

 In 2013, Hagerstown Hopes become officially registered with the IRS as a non-profit and the name was trademarked. An official Board of Directors was established. Fundraising ideas were developed and implemented, the festival more than doubled in size of attendance, we acquired more vendors and more elaborate lineup of entertainment.

Currently we are developing more ways to reach people in the community. We plan to develop more fund raisers as well as more social events throughout the year. We're also developing ways for people to be able to donate to and sponsor Hagerstown Hopes. Without the support of people and businesses in the community we would not be able to expand and grow.

Our Mission

To provide a place where we can bring unity, education, and services to support our local LGBTQ+ and local communities

Our Vision

To provide the community with a comfortable environment to socialize, acquire educational information, and guidance.

Our Values

We believe in the axiom that all politics is local and therefore, we work to ensure that the Hagerstown Hopes’ community center is a primary source of change in the movement toward the empowerment of the local: Government, Communities, and LGBTQ+ people. We support and honor other communities whose civil rights struggles paved the way for other movements, and we value and work for full human rights and self-determination for all people. We believe that promoting, celebrating and achieving equity, inclusion, and diversity strengthen both the community and LGBTQ+ persons; and is vital to Hagerstown Hopes mission and vision. We value a network governed by an inclusive process and that collaborates with other LGBTQ+ organizations. We value the worth and dignity of all people and strive to create and sustain community institutions that make this value a reality. We celebrate our LGBTQ+ culture and value our cultural and political heritage.


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